Social Media Marketing Strategies 2019

The World is moving so fast The growth of social media is expanding day by day,
The Last estimated usage of social media was 21.8 billion and its is expected to be 2.5 billion in 2018.
The current analysis acknowledges that the internet user around the world, 16 to 61 aged people at aleast have one social account.

Countries like United States, Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, United Arab Emirates having the highest ratio of time spending in social media, more than 3 billion internet user around the world, Social Media becoming a human desire for connecting with other people to be the part of group. Indeed Technology and internet have made us for connecting the people anywhere around the world at any time.

Social Media was introduce for the purpose of connecting people with each other messaging, sending emails and
updating people activities on social media but as the technology is being advance there is huge Transformations in social media. Social Media Transform to Social Networks, where people, client, consumers communicate and negotiate for busniess, shopping, booking mean or arrangement of events.

Promoting the small busniess on social media, The fact about how current Social media is taking the place of electronic and print media ? The Reason Behind that social media is giving opportunity to promote the small busniess in small budget, Not only small busniess current high class branded business are promoting their busniess on Social Media as well in internet.

There are many different ways marketing on internet for your busniess and brand awareness
search engine marketing, search engine optimization, PPC, social media marketing and more Even though i have knowledge of SEM, SEO, PPC, which i will describe in upcomming post. On This Post i will Define you Top Social Media Marketing Strategies for promoting your small business, wesbite, services, event and other purpose.

Social Media Marketing Strategies 2019

if you are not getting the idea of how you can preform social media marketing don’t worry i will describle each stragety deeply Step by Step Guide to perform social media marketing strategies 2019

Setting business goal for social media marketing

First step you will take for social media marketing is set your busniess goal, if you are running the business so should be aware Identify your Business Goals, Includes Measurability, Time Limits, target audience, remarketing, interest and geographical location. Make sure you choose those social channel which are benefits for your business there are many social media channel which may not good for introducing your business or promoting your brand.

Must things to do for Social media Marketing

Write down your goals you must write down your goals to achieve them
Increase brand awareness
Create long-term and original content on Social media channel describing your brand Try to build Strong brand personality through social Channel

  • Use Hashtags #

Hastag is very important part of promoting your business on social media
Remember When ever you use # tag for words and keywords Helpful for search query showing your post, page, group in the search bar result at the top post if you use it cleverly. Retailers are getting Benefits for promoting their business

  • improve your roi

Roi is the important factor, Roi means return on investment marketer should measure and tracked and analysis preforming social media audit checking the worth of a campaign in which they invest money.
competitors analysis

Check out whats your competitors are doing, what are their best strategies for writing the content for social media.

Analyze Customer Demographics

Identifying Customer Demographics

if you are a good marketer, want to get amazing result you should analyze customer demographics.
Social media marketing strategy
You can get it from social media dashboard for example if you using facebook for advertisement, there will be option of target demographics includes age, gender, language which will help you acknowledge your ideal Costumers. Go to Facebook Ads Manager where you can collect the data and analyze your customer demographics

Research your Social Media Audience

Do some research on your social media from where your audience engage, what group age your products are sell most where is difficult to sells, By doing some research on social media audience you will get the key factors what are your targeted Audience, and what are their interest which type of products they want to purchase. Near 73% conversion are made on social media by boosting the post and promoting the products or services. Researching your social media audience also keep in acknowledge about the Demographic analysis which includes age, culture, religion, ethnicity, and education level for example school, collage university
Suppose you are selling shoes for school students by doing research, on your social media audience you can target the school students Help you drives more sale. Remember the if you Target the correct Audience then will effect your business, drive more sale.

i will like to present the extremely important demographic audience :

For Facebook

  • male 48%
  • female 62%
  • Collage students 81%
  • employee (4.9%)
  • earning less than (30000$) are 83%

For instagram

  • male (49.6%)
  • female (50.4%)
  • urban area user (42%)
  • earning less than (30000$) are 38%
  • College user (37%)

For LinkedIn’s

  • male (54%)
  • female (46%)
  • employee (95%)
  • age group : 25-34 (23.1%) 18-24 (13.1%) 35-44 (21.3%)

For Twitter

  • male (53)
  • female (47%)
  • employe user (68%)
  • College user (32%)
  • 16% earning (30k$) 26% (50k$) 18% (Less than 30k$)

For Pinterest 

  • male (17%)
  • female (45%)
  • College user (40%)
  • 45% earning (30k$) 52% (30k to 50k) 55% (60-70k$)
  • 75%  user are outside the usa

Build Engagement Content For Social Media

Building Content For Social Media is very important, “Content is King”  which kind of engagement Content Need For Social Media ?, we have mentioned some are listed below

  • Content must define your brand
  • Video Content is more engaging  towards the audience
  • Do not use too much promotional message
  • avoid irrelevant Content
  • Suppose your business is on kids toy or game, you can create video content like unboxing the toys and game
  • Create Content Theme
  • use podcast to get more listeners
  • Make videos on  Livestream
  • Design Infographic

Do Engage your Audience, Don’t Lose your Follower

Social Media Channel are build to connect, commenting, conversate with each other and sharing content, but if your brand forgetting this element, then your brand may lose an audience. Through social media your brand can gain audience and respect.

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