Step By Step How to use wordpress themes to build a website

Over millions of blogs and websites are build, on WordPress, Big Organization and Companies,
Choose WordPress There are more than 40 Big Brand, Using WordPress, CNN News ,Techcrunch,
BBC America, MTV News and Time Inc. etc

There are many site builders, organization or small business use, but the most of online marker and developer recommended WordPress, to their Clients.
The Platform WordPress Huge Benefit includes :

  • Free
  • Quick installation,
  • Easy Customization
  • Selection of theme
  • installing plugin
  • blogging platforms
  • E Commerce Store
  • Social Networking Community
  • Best For Seo wordpress sites are rank higher
  • Sites are Mobile Responsive
  • Community Offers Support

How To Use WordPress Themes To Build A Website

Step by Step we will talk how to use WordPress themes to build a website

1.Complete Installation of WordPress

  • Download WordPress

download the wordpress from wordpress org  Download the Lasted version

  • Database Create

Create Database username and password

  • WordPress file manager uploaded under the Public Html
  • WordPress folder should be extract
  • Then Install WordPress
  • Connection of Database and wordpress Url / wp-admin will open From This Link
  • Open the Url
  • Add Database Name

Add username and password

2.Website Title, And Login Admin

After this your installation will be completed, user have to create username and password
For accessing the wordpress.

3. Login WordPress Dashboard

After Completing Step 1 and Step 2 , you will receive Login interface word press dashboard

4.How to find WordPress theme ?

First, you have to find theme for your site, if you are the beginner then use wordpress free theme but, we will recommended to buy one the wordpress theme you can find the theme on
Near 5000+ Themes near 2500+ popular themes.
Theme provider, Some of their themes are free and paid,
Paid themes will be uploaded in zip file format, while free will be by Default on WordPress
Under the Commercial Section of WordPress
you will get the theme support

5.Choose WordPress Theme

selecting the theme is the great opportunity you making your website Look attractive
First you should think, what is the your purpose of building a website, for What type of website you want
for your business customization option that are important for your website

Use the theme that match you Content

Suppose if you are aim to build education website, then apply the keyword
on search bar you will get the themes in front of you as shown below

6. Install Relevant Plugin

Free theme or paid, plugin are available but always install the plugins according to theme

7. Create your pages and Blog

Create your pages and blog make your website easy to use.


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