Top 5 Programming Languages To Learn In 2019

all the developer and it expert, are thinking and finding the answer
from which programming language they boost their skills and career?
Some of developer and expert already have an idea
but the problem is there are many new programming languages are coming up yearly
which are most demanded very few people knew
in this article we will explain which programming language will improve your career
and skills either you are landing to new job or want to learn new code.

Programming Languages To Learn In 2019

We will tell you following are the top 5 programming language to learn in 2019
which help you to boost your career or your developing skills



we know that are familiar to this language, the Interpreted High Level Language python
easier to learn than java, This language is most recommended in an education institute
student learn python to start their career as a developer, the language used to Develop
GUI based desktop applications, games, web application,web development and more
Most popular website are develop using python such as Instagram,Pinterest,Youtube, NASA and more
This Language generally easy to install on Linux and UNIX distributions.
Python updated version 3.7.2

Benefits of using Python

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to develop prototypes
  • python is open source language
  • web application frame work
  • User-friendly Data Structures:
  • Clean object-oriented design
  • Offers the best reliability


C#  Run on framework of net, generally used for desktop development application,
you can also develop Android and iOS apps and not only this you can develop Linux and Mac apps
C# comes with strong programming language features (Boolean Conditions, Automatic Garbage Collection,Assembly Versioning,Conditional Compilation)

Benefits Of Using C#

  • Felix able Programming Language
  • Make Development Quicker
  • Best For window application and mobile Development
  • merge the functionality of C and C++
  • Support different types of database like (SQL,MSSQL,Oracle)
  • Productivity


Kotlin the new programming language develop for android, as developer we knew
its very hard to understand java but kotlin is much easier as Compare to Java.

Benefits of Kotlin

  • Excellent Compiler
  • Code is easier to read
  • Code is easier to maintain
  • Code is code is safer
  • Better Support For Functional Programming
  • Speed up your developing task
  • Less Bugs in the Code
  • Easy to learn more than java


yes i know almost every developer and I.T industry, knew about this programming language very common, is an open source
Scripting Language, There are not many Huge Advantages , Some Popular website are build with using Php
Such as Google, facebook, yahooo,wordpress

Benefits of Using Php

  • Huge amount of database are supported
  • Highest speed for website development
  • Easy to use
  • one of the most Secured way for developing a website


The Language was introduce in 1995, intervened over 25 years ago, high level language,
commonly known as Client side scripting Language.

Benefits of using java script

  • Speed, Run Fast with Client side Browser
  • Easy to learn
  • From any platform you can learn javascript such as StackOverflow, Github
  • javascript easy to implement
  • Javascript can be used in huge variety of application
  • reduce the demand on website server
  • Interpreted Language, you can execute the code in platform
    Linux, Windows, Mac
  • Make Web Pages Interactive

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