Top Benefits of Using Different Types OF Server In Linux Best To Use

Linux server are develop to fulfill the requirement of the business application, like network administrator, web services or Database management system.

Linux server are highly recommended as compare to other servers,
the reasons behind, they maintain their security consistency and flexible.

Types OF Server In Linux

  • Ubuntu
  • Gentoo
  • Slackware
  • fedora
  • openSUSE
  • PCLinuxOS
  • Debian
  • Mandriva
  • Sabayon/Gentoo
  • Arch Linux
  • Puppy Linux


ubuntu is an operating system, runs on all architectures
x86, x86-64, ARM v7, ARM64, POWER8, and IBM System z
following are the benefits of using ubuntu,

Benefits of using ubuntu

  • Ubuntu is user-friendly any person can setup
  • Ubuntu is free, it does not cost you one cent
  • virus protection no need of installing anti-virus
  • ubuntu is higly customized, free to customized your system can change desktop environment
    whenever you want.
  • Supportive Ubuntu community,
    best advantage you can visit their community and get any kind of answer
  • Low system requirements, the minimum System requirement for ubuntu is 512MB RAM,  5GB hard disk and 00 MHz processor.
  • Ubuntu is open source


gentoo recently found by Daniel Robbins aims, to distribution without precompiled binary adjust hardware,
and only included required programs.

Benefits of using Gentoo

  • User can individually optimize each component
  • Supportive Gentoo Community, one the most helpful communities of any Linux distribution,
    anyone can help for any issue user may have
  • Gentoo is flexible, can be run boundless of environment, from embedded systems and virtual containers
    such as Open VZ, LXC
  • Gentoo is Extreme Configurable and highly performed


Slackware is Linux  Distribution founded  by Patrick Volkerding officially it was based on Softlanding Linux System

Benefits of using slackware

  • This distribution run fast has the highest Speed
  • Slackware has the highest security, fewer bugs
  • reliability
  • Slackware helps to create clean code and cleaner configuration files


Fedora is an open source Linux based operating system Develop by Fedora Project, aims was to be the leading in such technology

Benefits of using Fedora

  • Fast Boot, Run very fast
  • 3D graphics cards best for designers
  • Fedora Automatic Updates and make sure that you are using new version run fast
  • Fedora improve virtualization when it releases
  • offers great security to users


OpenSUSE was developed  by “openSUSE Project”  aims to provide user-friendly desktop and feature-rich server environment.

Benefits of OpenSUSE

  • Easy to install
  • easy to install third-party app, can easily publish application for Opensuse by using the portal
  • offers the best experience with choosen desktop environment
  • you can run De on the same OS
  • Choose your own Desktop
  • OpenSUSE excellent K Desktop Environment 3 implementation


The Debian was developed by The Debian Project aims to create a distribution that lives up to the Linux name

Benefits of Debian

  • it maintains by it own user
  • Run Fast
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Best for Developing the software
  • Does not overwrite your config files
  • Bug Tracking System (Debian response quickly)
  • immediate fixes of security problems


mandriva develop by Mandriva S.A, a public software company Specialize in Linux aims to improve user interface, use of graphics tools for configuration.

Benefits of Using Mandriva

  • Better Application integration
  • provides user-friendly features
  • better desktop and very good hardware support
  • better login manager
  • easy to install 32-bit libraries and applications on the x86_64 version

8.Arch Linux

arch linux is an independent distribution of Debain, Generally, develop Gnu/Linux

Benefits of using Arch Linux

  • most updated software
  • Arch release is rolling
  • pure community driven project
  • desktop environment is good
  • user control, can choose any component for your desktop


Linux server have become more reliable, efficient and secure, it will be true by saying this Linux bring the same Limitation as Mac, having the Best reliable Desktop Environments. Linux server affordable for anyone, it cost is not too High, when you talk about it performance, provides the high est level of performance on the workstation and on networks. There are different types of server in linux, already mention above their name and their benefits.

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